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Clear Quartz Pointed Wand with Stand

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Behold the clarity and brilliance of our Crystal Clear Quartz Pointed Wand, a truly magnificent piece that comes with its own stand for display. Its pristine transparency and natural pointed shape make this wand a stunning addition to any space, reflecting light beautifully and capturing the essence of pure quartz.

* Weight: 1.1 lbs
* Height: 6.75 inches (wand), 3 inches (stand)

Clear Quartz is often admired for its sparkling beauty and has been cherished throughout history for its aesthetic appeal. It is a favorite among collectors and enthusiasts for its versatility in various artistic and decorative applications.

Please note that the descriptions of the purported properties of Clear Quartz are based on cultural and historical traditions. Enjoy this clear quartz wand for its natural splendor and as a captivating feature in your collection.