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Copper Splash

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Looking for a unique and eye-catching way to add some flair to your home décor? Check out these beautiful Copper Splashes!

Copper is heated up to a staggering 2,200 degrees fahrenheit and “splashed” onto a piece of metal to cool. Pieces are then dunked in trough of water to speed up the cooling process and after a second heating, the splash copper forms a colorful layer of patina which looks lovely and protects the copper beneath it.

Our copper products are not only beautiful, but they also offer healing benefits. Copper is known to boost immunity, reduce inflammation, and promote healthy skin. So why not surround yourself with products that are not only stylish, but good for you too?

Copper Splash 1
4.5 oz
5x5.25 inches

Copper Splash 2
6.5 oz
4.75x5 inches 

Copper Splash 3
4.5 oz
2.5x5.75 inches