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Sage & Magic

Large High Grade Clear Quartz Freeform

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This beautiful Large High Grade Clear Quartz Freeform is perfect for your next healing session! It has been polished to a high shine and is ready to be used for energy work, meditation, or any other healing practice you might choose.

It's a beautiful and natural way to promote positive energy in your home or office.


Freeform 1
9 oz
5.75x3.25 inches 
Stand: 1.5x4 inches (4oz)

Freeform 2
2.3 lbs
8x4.5 inches
Stand: 1.5x5 inches (7oz)

Freeform 3
1.8 lbs
8.25x3 inches
Stand: 1.5x4.75 inches (6oz)

Freeform 4
4.9 lbs
9x6 inches
Stand: 1.5x6.25 inches (13oz) 

Freeform 5
2.9 lbs
8.25x4 inches
Stand: 1.5x5.25 inches (6 oz)