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Maison de Michón

Mini Lapis Pillars

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Lapis pillar is most widely known for its use as a gemstone. It is a popular material for cutting into cabochons and beads. It is also used in inlay or mosaic projects and often as a material for small sculptures. These uses made lapis the most popular opaque blue gemstone.

Although personal preferences vary, the most popular lapis has a uniform, deep blue to violet-blue color. Many people enjoy a few randomly placed grains of gold pyrite or a few fractures or mottles of white calcite.

Prime features:

  1. You get the exact one pictured only if you buy from that rock. 
  2. This is a one-of-a-kind item.
  3. Measurements in the title are approximations
  4. Made from Afghanistan Lapis Lazuli
  5. Comes with the stand shown



  1. These pillars are approximately 2 inches in length.


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