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Orange Calcite Tiger

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Formed over millions of years, Orange Calcite is a type of calcite that gets its beautiful orange hue from iron impurities. Found in only a handful of places on Earth, this coveted stone has been prized by healers and shamans for centuries.

And it's no wonder why - Orange Calcite is known for its ability to cleanse and energize the entire chakra system. It helps to release negative emotions and opens up blocked creativity. If you're feeling stuck or low on energy, Orange Calcite is the stone for you!

On a physical level, Orange Calcite can help to boost the immune system and increase stamina. It's also helpful for anyone dealing with addiction or recovery, as it can ease withdrawal symptoms and promote detoxification.

If you're ready to experience the transformational power of Orange Calcite, add this tiger to your cart today!

1.8 lbs
8 inches long