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Sage & Magic

Polished Emerald in Matrix

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 Polished Emerald in Matrix is the gemstone of your dreams! Perfect for making a statement, this bold and beautiful piece features an exquisite emerald stone in its natural form of matrix. The dark green color of the emerald contrasts with the surrounding dark gray tones of the matrix to create an eye-catching piece. Whether you’re looking for something special to wear or a unique item to add to your collection, Polished Emerald in Matrix will be sure to turn heads and spark conversation.


Emerald 1
1.1 lbs
4x4 inches 

Emerald 2
2.7 lbs
5x4.5 inches 

Emerald 3
1.6 lbs
3.5x4 inches

Emerald 4
1.6 lbs
5x2.5 inches

Emerald 5
6 oz
3.5x2 inches