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Maison de Michón

Shungite Flower of Life Disc

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This shungite Flower of Life circle for EMF protection is made of 100% real shungite stone. This is a shungite circle with a Flower of Life engraved on it.

Shungite is a rare crystal whose age is more than 2 billion years. It's mined in only one place on earth, this field, Zazhogino in the Republic of Karelia, Russia.
Real Shungite has healing powers and has the ability to protect its wearer from adverse environmental phenomena. It is really amazing and powerful stone that has scientific evidence. Shungite is the perfect protection from EMF and geopathic stress. This is a great gift for family and friends, colleagues and loved ones. Such gift is relevant to any holiday or event, gift unusual, beautiful, magical.

The size of shungite plate round is ~50mm/2"; the thickness is 10 mm/0.5". The weight is 2 ounces.

This piece has a small natural matrix line running throughout both sizes. It is natural and not an imperfection.