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Sumatran Amber Bee

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Amber is an organic gemstone derived from fossilized tree resin. Amber is approximately 20-100 millions years old. Most amber is typically found in the Baltic region , while a different variety of amber has recently been discovered in Sumatra, in the South-East Asia. Unlike Baltic amber which may often contain bits of bark, trapped air bubbles, and sometimes insects, Sumatran amber is relatively less included but features dark color areas within its reddish-cognac body that resemble leopard spots.

However, what is more distinct between the two is that Sumatran amber also has an optical feature that displays a reddish hue under incandescent light and a blue fluorescence under UV light. This phenomenon is not observed in Baltic amber. 

This unique carving is made from 100% pure amber that has been mined in Sumatra, Indonesia. The amber is then handcrafted into a beautiful bee shape.

Amber is an incredible natural resource that has a long history of being used for healing. The Sumatran Amber Bee is the perfect way to enjoy the benefits of amber. 

From Indonesia 

Approx 1.5 inches