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Threads of Fate

The Weaver Tarot - Rose Gold Edition

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If you feel drawn to the Rose Edition, you proooobably have a fondness for the yesteryear — Antique shops, thrift stores, nostalgia, past lives and the akashic records are your vibe.

You may feel like a flowerchild in the 60s, a revolutionary in the Marie Antoinette era or a Viking navigating new waters....whatever it is, your soul is touching MANY lifetimes at once. This deck brings all the medicine from the past to your fingertips and is a megaphone for your heart in this moment. The Rose Edition doesn't ask you to be anything that you're not, it wants you to be all of it and it will push you to embody the knowing + power that lies within you. 

The Archer

78 cards
4.75" x 3.25" card size
5.25” x 3.75” box size
Top bottom box
Rose gold foil artwork on anti-scratch matte black 400 gsm cardstock
Matte black edging
Booklet included

The deck is gender neutral - we have renamed some of the cards:
Kings = Rulers
Queens = Sovereigns
Knights = Conquerors
Pages = Seekers

*This Tarot Deck is absolutely stunning, just like every Oracle and Tarot Deck they have ever made! These are collector decks, investment pieces that will stand the test of time. These will not last long, we recommend you get your order in quick.