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XL Aura Rose Quartz Sphere

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Aura Rose Quartz carries strong love energies. Carry it to enhance your love for romance, friendships and life itself. When you connect with Aura Rose Quartz, you feel infused with the magic of love.

This stone has all the natural Rose Quartz properties which are magnified by the metals used to create its flashy rainbow, pink sheen. By heat treating Rose Quartz with platinum, the crystal is transformed with a full spectrum of iridescent hues. The platinum brings its own grounding and amplifying properties that enhance not only the appearance of the crystal, but also its energy.

This beautiful rose Quartz aura sphere is approximately 160mm in diameter and weighs 18 lbs. 


18 lbs

Please note: All crystals natural imperfections such as tiny structural defects or inclusions. Any major defects are always pictured.