Chrysocolla: What Is It, Its History, and Its Meaning?

The combination of blue and green in Chrysocolla makes it a truly beautiful crystal! The calming colors of this stone remind us of a soft serenity and heavenly vibe!

The stone is produced from high levels of copper ore and is part of the phyllosilicate mineral family. It is found in various design structures, but most commonly, it is found with vein fillings and crusts. The opaque transparency of the stone gives it a dull shine. This may sound complicated, but at its core, it is just a gorgeous and powerful crystal! 


Chrysocolla holds the meanings of communication, transformation, and learning. It is recognized as a stone that helps individuals understand the higher truth and tune into their inner knowledge. The gentle energy flow of the stone provides the individual with all the tools they need to become their teachers—of the universe, spirituality, and themselves.

Chrysocolla is derived from the Greek word "Chrysos," which means "gold and glue." The golden hue of the stone is seen as a whisper of its shimmery beauty. The stone's rich color gives it a vibrant look that makes it ideal for use. Goldsmiths often prefer welding the stone with other precious metals and stones that result in beautiful pieces.


Historically, the stone was widely used by artists and workers in Renaissance paintings by grounding the stone to use its epic colors. It was also a precious stone for Emperors and Kings since it represented an elite lifestyle.

Historical belief is that the stone was discovered during the reign of King Solomon. In the African mines, this variety of copper stone was found and was given so much importance that it is considered the national stone of Israel.

The green hue and shimmering structure of the stone are homages to its location, the family it belongs to, and its mystical landscapes. The stone is now also found in various shades in the Congo, Mexico, Chile, and the USA.

Chrysocolla brings its user many great healing benefits and is worth the hype it receives. Read on to learn more!

Healing Properties

Even though the stone has a long history of being used by emperors and kings, chrysocolla is a stone that radiates high feminine energy. Women using the stone become more expressive of their creativity, share their wisdom, understand the truth, and aid in growth with inner peace.

It stimulates your curiosity to seek out knowledge of the higher world, leads you to nature, and helps introverted individuals feel the sweetness of being alone.

That is just the tip of the iceberg!


The stone heals the nervous system and boosts immunity through its vibrational energy. It aids in healing physical manifestations of mental illnesses such as guilt, anxiety, and depression. Hence, the stone's power is similar to taking a soul shower.

Chrysocolla is also a very calming crystal. It helps decrease high blood pressure, helps with period cramps, and ensures safe pregnancies. It also helps regulate blood sugar levels, promotes healthy digestion, and keeps the lungs pure from infections.


This teaching crystal has many things to make us aware of, including our power. The stone wants us to become better at expressing awareness and understanding higher knowledge. Still, it also aids us in recognizing the self-deprecating beliefs and negative emotions we hold toward ourselves.

Soon, this negativity can make it hard for us to reach our goals, communicate well, and stay true to ourselves and others. This can become an issue, especially in relationships.

But the crystal makes it easier for people to talk to each other, so negative feelings about loved ones don't lead to heartache or dark places. Instead, it helps us turn those negative feelings into positive productivity.

If you are experiencing a dark phase in your life, the crystal will also help you find your joy, bring back your confidence, and motivate you to design your reality.


Chrysocolla works with two prominent chakras: the throat and the heart.

  • Throat Chakra

This chakra is where our truth radiates from. When there are issues in our throat chakra, we are dimming our light and not living as our true selves. Clearing our throat chakra helps our power bloom and aids an individual in expressing themselves freely and doing what they desire.

  • Heart Chakra

This chakra helps us open ourselves and our hearts to the love around us. It aids us in inviting the positivity and love others radiate and stopping us from resisting the goodness we deserve. When facing hindrances in this chakra, we might feel jealous and fearful, fight for love, and always struggle to be in control. Chrysocolla is used to clear these blockages; it aids us in embracing change and love and handling any challenge that comes our way.

How To Gain The Best Results

Chrysocolla is a fragile stone and is hard to yield into jewelry pieces, which is why it is not generally worn like other crystals. The stone can be placed in jewelry pieces such as pendants or brooches that will only be worn for everyday wear.

The stone can be used during meditation. By placing the stone in your palms while doing your daily meditation, you will soon observe the benefits of the gem, the improvement in your relationships, and your deep understanding of yourself and the spiritual world.