So, even though moonstone is not actually a rock from the moon, its color, appearance, and energies will make you feel like it is! It is one of the most beautiful and mystical gemstones in existence, and its energies are out of this world. It is like a calm wave of water flowing over a roaring fire because it is filled to the brim with the moon's feminine energy. In the following paragraphs, we shall delve more into the remarkable stone and its curative properties.

Healing Abilities of Moonstone

Physical healing abilities

Since this stone is teeming with divine feminine energy, you can expect it to have lots of benefits for women. To start off, it can help women who suffer from PMS. It leads to milder symptoms and also creates better hormonal balance. This stone also regulates the reproductive system and maintains a rhythmic cycle. If you tend to suffer from digestive issues, moonstone should be your go-to stone. It can soothe your stomach, liver, pancreas, and other organs in that area. It is also unmatched at improving the appearance of your hair, eyes, and skin.

Mental Healing Abilities

The moon has a huge impact on your mind and life here on earth. In fact, it is said that on full moon nights, our natural mental tendencies become more pronounced. So, you can definitely use this stone to keep your negative tendencies in check and give rise to better thought patterns. It also instills a sense of wonder in you that might enhance your creativity and ingenuity. If you suffer from a lot of stress and anxiety, look no further than the moonstone. Its watery energies will wash away all your worries and make space for calm and serenity.

Emotional healing abilities

The moon’s energies are all about creating harmony and a sense of flow. And that is exactly what moonstone helps you achieve in terms of your emotions and feelings. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the outside world, it helps you move in sync with it. It also soothes any instability in your emotional body and makes way for calm and peace to take over.

Spiritual Healing Abilities

The moonstone connects with your third eye and crown chakras. As such, it has immense spiritual healing abilities. It can connect you with the larger reality in ways you never could have imagined. It shows you that you are a part of the cosmos and that everything that you need to know is already within you. It can also awaken your latent psychic abilities and enhance your intuition. It can even connect you with divine feminine energy and fill you with wisdom and personal power.

Uses of Moonstone

This is such a popular stone, and people just love to utilize their moonstone for all kinds of purposes! With every excuse they get, they try to integrate this stone into their lives. Let’s check out some of the more common uses of moonstone.
  • Since this is an absolutely gorgeous gemstone, you can adorn your house with it. You can place it on the table in your living room, on the dining table, in your workspace, on your nightstand, and so on.
  • When you’re traveling, make sure you put a small moonstone in your backpack, suitcase, or other luggage. This will provide you with constant protection.
  • You can place a moonstone on your crown chakra whenever you need a boost in perception and higher guidance.
  • Thanks to its beauty, it also makes stunning jewelry, and you can wear it every day to gain some of its energetic benefits!