A Fabulously Charming Boutique

Our Founder

A certified Crystal Practitioner and owner of Sage and Magic, Meshawn Churko stands out for her strong passion and dedication to connecting the right crystals with the right customer.

A skillful art, she takes pride in her ability to assist her clients and delivers on their needs. With more than 6 years in the industry as a Crystal expert, Meshawn looks out for her clients' needs ensuring they get the best quality authentic crystals, unique carvings, and ritual tools for personal, spiritual growth, and crystal healing.­


Allow us to introduce ourselves...

Sage and Magic brings you crystal wellness, self-care rituals and unique gifts that you won’t find anywhere else. From beautiful handmade items to ethically sourced crystals and jewelry, we strive to give you the best items from around the globe. Every product selected is intuitively curated in Las Vegas with intention and love.

Welcome to Sage and Magic: A Fabulously Charming Boutique. 🖤 

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