5 Tips For IRL Crystal Shopping

5 Tips For IRL Crystal Shopping

Because I have such a deep respect and admiration for crystals, I take the purchasing of a new one very seriously! Here are my top 5 tips for adding a new crystal to your collection. These will assist you in making a more knowledgeable and intuitive selection. So, relax and enjoy the process! These pointers will be useful whether you're visiting a crystal store or even a gem exhibition. So get out there and have some fun with it!

1: Research, Reputation And Reviews.

Isn't this a bit much? It's only a crystal, after all! For me, however, this is an absolute necessity. You are going to want to briefly look into the three R’s! (research, reputation and reviews). When I buy a new crystal, I am introducing it into my life, bringing it into my home, and potentially keeping it for the rest of my life! Why wouldn't I want to learn a little bit more about the person selling me the crystal, as well as the experiences of others in my situation? I'm not suggesting you spend a lot of time on this, but rather investigate it! Check it out and make sure you like what you see.

2. Center Yourself Before Going Into A Crystal Shop.

There's a lot going on! You can't contain your excitement...there are vivid hues and dazzling lights everywhere! With so many amazing stones to pick from, even entering a crystal store can be daunting at times. Before you enter, take a moment to practice some deep breathing or grounding. Consider your aims and what you want to achieve with this purchase. Resist the impulse to "grab everything" and instead attempt to tap into your inner wisdom so that you may leave knowing you made the proper choice.

3. Ask Questions

Any respectable seller will gladly help you in any way possible! Don't be afraid! Ask those questions; most crystal dealers have extensive knowledge of their items and are happy to share their expertise! The better informed you are, the more satisfied you will be with your purchase. Alternatively, if you don't like the responses you receive when you ask questions, perhaps you shouldn't be shopping here on this particular day. Maybe the universe is trying to tell you something? The shop's energy or vibrations can undoubtedly transfer to their crystals, so make sure you're happy with the overall experience!

4. Follow Your Intuition 

As you go around the store, pay attention to your body, thoughts, and feelings! We are frequently pulled to places and things that the universe wishes for us to witness. If you feel a "pull" towards something or somewhere, don't be afraid to investigate it. Don't overlook it! I firmly believe that our intuition will lead us to the correct stone. Perhaps this isn't the crystal you were hoping to find today, but it could be just what you need right now. Last but not least, have fun and believe in yourself!

5.Touch And Hold Them!

Doesn't that sound simple? But you'd be surprised how many people buy new crystals without ‘actually’ holding them! That's like purchasing a new car without taking it for a test drive! It is an absolute must! So, hold that crystal and observe how it affects you. Close your eyes, relax your mind, and consider how it feels in your hand. This is one of the most essential steps when acquiring a new crystal, so don't rush it!  And remember,  if the shop or vendor objects to you handling a particular stone, take your business elsewhere!