Crystals and stones are some of the rarest materials found on this wonderful planet. Humans have been intimately acquainted with crystals since the dawn of time, but there is so much more to learn about every one of these fascinating stones!


Amazonite is a gemstone from the silicate family of crystals. It gets its name from the Amazon River, the largest river in South America, where it is found on the river banks. It is also commonly found in Russia, the USA, China, and other regions.

It looks like bright green verdigris (...picture the most amazing green ever!) and has been used as a healing crystal for a very long time. Amazonite gets its distinct, bright green color from the concentrations of lead and iron found in feldspar and sometimes also contains white streaks. There are differences in the color of the crystal that show where it came from. Many accounts describe it as resembling turquoise and jade at first glance.

Amazonite is a crystal that has many healing and spiritual uses in addition to its unique look. The combination of different metals, along with its reactive properties, gives amazonite these distinct and varied qualities.

Origins of the Stone

Myths say that Amazonite got its name from the Amazon, which was an ancient clan of female warriors in Mesopotamia. The Amazon warriors used amazonite on their shields to protect themselves.

The oldest known uses of amazonite come from Mesopotamia, well over several millennia ago. The Babylonians held the stone in high regard and used it to make official seals due to its energies of truth and courage. In fact, before it was called Amazonite, it was widely known as the Stone of Truth or the Stone of Courage.

The ancient Egyptians also recognized many properties and abilities that amazonite possessed. They made it into pendants and talismans that would ward off danger from the wearer. The discovery of King Tutankhamun's tomb revealed a ring set with an Amazonite gemstone. Thus, the ancient Egyptians believed that amazonite was a noble stone that would bring about peace and positivity.

Uses of Amazonite

Amazonite has many different uses, ranging from jewelry to ornaments. In jewelry, it is used to make amulets and bracelets due to its relaxed and soothing nature. It is relatively robust and durable, which makes it a good choice for jewelry. Less shiny and more granite-like stones end up in casual jewelry, and finer-cut pieces are used to make higher-end pieces. It helps instill a positive, happy, and creative attitude in the wearer, so it is a great choice for everyday wear.

Amazonite is widely used in ornamental creations like figurines, decorative pieces, and craftworks. It is relatively easy to carve, inexpensive, and widely available. Artists that want to incorporate jade or turquoise into their work can resort to amazonite as an alternative.

How to Heal

Amazonite has many physical and spiritual healing uses that have been known for thousands of years. It has been the only way to treat many health problems that have plagued people in the past.

Amazonite is the perfect cure for the imbalance and grief that plague human minds. It offers a radical spiritual awakening to those willing to accept it and change themselves for the better. It also offers a cure for a few ailments that are rare and hard to cure otherwise.

Emotional Healing

Amazonite is an effective tool to aid with the healing of severe emotional trauma. It offers clarity of thought to the victim, allowing them to realize their trauma rationally and get rid of all the haunted thoughts and memories. Amazonite also reduces the flow of anger and violence by keeping an individual calm and at ease.

If you find yourself feeling mentally tired and burned out quite often, Amazonite might be a fix. It promotes positivity and joy in your mind so that you are more eager to do things and feel less tired. It also forces you to think more practically and rationally so that you don't make decisions that cost you in the long run.

It is a great energy filter as well. While using electronics, we attach a lot of invisible electromagnetic energy to ourselves. Amazonite helps ward off all of this energy that takes a toll on one's mental and physical health.

Spiritual Healing

Spiritually, amazonite is one of the most impactful crystals you can find. It is the best stone to have around while meditating. It helps achieve a clear state of mind while also bringing calmness to your aura, keeping your body in equilibrium. It also regulates your masculine and feminine energies and realigns your yin and yang energies in complete harmony.

Amazonite is very good at helping you open your 4th and 5th chakras, which are your heart and throat chakras. By activating the 4th chakra, you learn to be more peaceful with yourself and to love with true passion. Activation of the 5th chakra enables one to be more truthful and steadfast in what they say and to speak from the heart without fear. Amazonite protects against the negative energies that would keep these two important chakras from opening up.

Physical Healing

Regarding physical health, the benefits of amazonite are well-known and proven. It acts as an epidermal healer. This is the act of healing the outermost layer of skin on our bodies, which is extremely fragile. Amazonite brings about faster blood flow to the site of the wound so that it may heal faster.

Amazonite is also great for other ailments of the skin. If you have rashes or acne on your skin, the most likely cause is a rush of bacteria and heat on that part of the skin. Amazonite keeps your skin colder so the bacteria become inactive and the rashes or acne can heal properly.

If someone has gout or other problems with their thyroid, Amazonite can help them get back to normal. The stone's energy makes the throat more active, so it can heal more effectively. It is also effective at keeping you calm so you can achieve a deeper, more refreshing sleep.