What Is Apatite?

Apatite is a rare type of tourmaline mineral formed out of calcium phosphate. The mineral is naturally found in various colors, shapes, and designs, giving the stone its unique exquisiteness.

Apatite is a Greek word that means "to deceive." The stone was given this name due to its resemblance to many other minerals. Since it belongs to a group of phosphate minerals, distinguishing one stone is tricky. Hence, apatite usually refers to a group of minerals called apatite, one that contains a variety of rocks, all of which have similar characteristics and healing energy.

The stones are available in a variety of colors, from white to green to yellow, brown, and violet! However, the most stunning stone is considered the teal-colored apatite. The semblance of the colors of minerals and the sea are uncanny, which grabs the attention of buyers and collectors.

Despite the stones’ delicate make-up, they are cut and designed to fit jewelry pieces as gemstones. It is also often used as a phosphate base for fertilizers or industrial services.

Fun fact: The minerals in the stone are also found in our teeth and bones, so we’re shining just as brilliantly as the stone does.

How To Use The Stone

The stone is ideal to use for spiritual practices such as meditation. With the stone in your hand, you can visualize the positive energy and white light flowing from the gem within you.

While holding the stone, think about your intentions and the aim of your meditation. Understand why you are choosing to use the crystal and that Apatite is ready to listen and bring forth your desires and goals.

Apatite can also be kept close without facing any harmful reactions. You can wear it as everyday jewelry or keep it in your pocket or purse. However, you do have to be sure that you are protecting the stone and providing proper cleanliness and care.

Apatite is a delicate stone, which makes it prone to changes in appearance and hardness. It is ideal for storing the jewelry away from direct heat, acids, or any unnecessary exposure. It should also be stored in closed boxes with soft clothing wrapped around them.

Moreover, it should only be washed with warm water and soap and not be cleansed through the heat of the sun or candles.

Beneficial Changes in Life

Apatite has a lot of spiritual, physical, and emotional benefits that can help people avoid problems or get rid of physical illnesses or spiritual blockages.It brings about more than just physical benefits by playing a considerable role in one’s wealth and relationships.

Physical Healing

Calcium is one of the essential nutrients that help in our body’s growth, healing, strengthening, and durability.

Apatite crystals aid individuals in strengthening their bodies by enhancing calcium absorption. This ensures the health of the bones and teeth, helps in the healing of tendons in the body, and also stimulates the body to kickstart the growth of new cells in the bones.

With increased calcium absorption, the individual will notice the symptoms of their arthritis and joint pains melting away.

Moreover, the crystal has healing properties that heal the organs and glands. By doing so, the individual notices a decrease in hypertension, an increase in metabolic rate, improved digestion, regulated hormones, and even a reduced appetite.

Lastly, the crystal rids the organs of the cellulite, which helps treat the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and more, but also helps balance the nervous system.

Individuals with good internal body health have better coordination and flexibility.


Apatite is often used as a spiritual energy cleanse that rids the individual of any toxic or stagnant energy within. The crystal draws out such power and allows the individual to stir up positive emotions.

Doing so significantly improves one’s goal fulfillment since there is an increase in motivation and a decrease in fatigue, resulting in achieving all the financial goals.

Apatite improves attention, focus on tasks, and a clear mind. It also aids in boosting the creativity of the individual. All of these benefits result in the individuals’ new-found capability of finding great ideas to improve their financial projects, help them keep on track with their goals, and enhance their existing skills to reach financial goals.

This crystal will help you think more clearly. It will collaborate with you to develop efficient answers to your challenging issues.


Apatite is a stone with many healing benefits, including the key to healing your heart and understanding your feelings. The stone is used to rid an individual of all the negative emotions they hold within their heart and urge them to set themselves free from pessimism and move on to better things.

If you are having trouble in your relationships, the crystal can help by giving you reassurance and comfort. It can also help the person stop closing themselves off from others and start accepting the love they are being given.It will help you communicate your needs and express yourself more effectively, allowing your significant other to provide what is needed.

If the challenges are related to one’s self-image, the crystal can boost one’s self-image, inner strength, beauty, and intellect. It will also encourage self-acceptance, which will help you recognize your truth and gain confidence in relationships.

By improving your self-worth, you will see the distance between you and your loved ones shrink. Your feelings of stress and anxiety will be replaced with feelings of love and warmth.

Also, if you love yourself a lot and get lots of love from other people, you won't be afraid to let go of people or situations that hurt you or your energy.You will also experience complete control in cases where you feel emotionally charged or reactive.

Hence, this magical stone will be a great addition to help balance your energy and your emotions!