Aquamarine is a blue beryl gemstone from the silicate family of crystals. Its name comes from Latin, with aqua meaning 'water' and marina meaning 'of the sea.' It is commonly found and relatively inexpensive as far as crystals go! But don't let its small price tag fool you, this is a very powerful stone with many spiritual benefits! 

The color of aquamarine ranges from a pale blue to a light-green shade, with white streaks in between. It is found in many African countries, including Brazil, South Asia, Australia, and Russia. Among all its varieties, the rarest and most expensive shade of aquamarine is a deep blue color. This variety is known as maxixe and is susceptible to changing color when exposed to sunlight.

Aquamarine contains impurities like mica (silicates), hematite (iron ore), and saltwater. In this article, we will explore the uses and benefits of this gorgeous stone.

Origins of the Stone

According to ancient lore, aquamarine was considered the treasure of mermaids and, therefore, very valuable. It was a wildly popular and highly treasured gem among several ancient civilizations.

The oldest known uses of aquamarine come from Greece, over two millennia ago. They used aquamarine to treat all kinds of diseases, especially eye ailments. The Greeks also made sailors carry the stone to ensure safe passage across the sea.

The Romans recognized many properties and abilities that aquamarine possessed. They made amulets out of it that warriors would carry into battle to become invincible. It was also gifted to newlywed couples to keep the spark of love alive upon marriage. The Romans also believed that aquamarine could turn one's enemies into friends. Psychics used aquamarine because they thought it contained divine, future-telling abilities.

Aquamarine was also highly valued among the Sumerians and ancient Egyptians. To them, it was a representation of youth and happiness. Moreover, the stone is associated with the Apostle St. Thomas because of his long journeys over the sea. In medieval times, it was known as an antidote to poison and gained popularity among royalty.

Uses of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is most often used to make jewelry. It is used to make rings and necklaces due to its shine and color. The emerald cut in a rectangular shape is the most popular among customers and lends itself well to making rings and necklaces.

Aquamarine is also a very common gemstone for chokes and pendants because it can be beneficial in activating the 'throat' chakra. It helps instill a productive, courageous, and highly aware attitude in the wearer, so it is a great daily wear choice.

The crystal is used widely in ornamental creations like figurines, decorative pieces, and craftworks. In Japan, it is used to make netsuke, a miniature form of sculpture art. It has also been a very popular stone for engraving purposes.

How to Heal

Aquamarine has many physical and spiritual healing uses that have been known for thousands of years and in some cases it was one of the only ways to treat many health problems that have plagued people in the past.

Aquamarine is the perfect gem to protect you from all kinds of harm and danger. It offers high self-awareness and consciousness to its wearer and makes them humbler. It also cures some stomach and eye diseases that are difficult to cure otherwise.

Emotional Healing

Aquamarine is an effective tool to aid with the healing of severe emotional trauma. Being a crystal of the element water, it naturally has cooling and calming effects. Aquamarine helps bring tranquility and calm to your mind whenever you are in a state of emotional frenzy. Aquamarine can radiate this power to its wearer and those around them.

This beautiful crystal makes you feel more active and energized, which helps you feel more motivated and less lethargic. It makes you feel more eager to do things and less tired. Aquamarine also brings clarity to your mind so that you can think properly and carefully.

Aquamarine can also ward off evil thoughts and apparitions that disturb you. This stone is known as the pure and sound stone because of its connection with the water element. The sheer abundance of goodness that it brings is enough to keep you safe from evil and negativity.

Spiritual Healing

Spiritually, aquamarine is one of the most impactful crystals you can find. It can also act as a significant boost while you are meditating. Aquamarine allows people to abandon the mundane things they do to seek time for solitude and contemplation. It is also great at helping you communicate with your true inner self by draining out all the unnecessary external energies that prevent you from doing so otherwise.

Aquamarine is a powerful stone for opening the throat chakra, which is the fifth chakra.Activation of the 5th chakra enables one to be more truthful and steadfast in what they say and to speak from the heart without fear. Aquamarine repels the negative energies that hamper the activation of the 5th chakra.

Physical Healing

Regarding physical health, aquamarine has many undeniable benefits for human beings. Aquamarine is an element of water and is excellent at curing all ailments linked to water. It helps the body retain fluids, reducing dehydration and nausea.

Aquamarine has also been used to help people who suffer from stammering problems as it activates the 'throat' chakra. It can heal liver problems as well as stomach problems.

If an individual suffers from gout or other thyroid problems, Aquamarine is very effective at returning them to normal. The stone's energy makes the throat more active, so it can heal more effectively.

Aquamarine is also great for body recovery. It soothes and relaxes sore muscles, helps bones heal faster, and relieves the body of tightness and stress.