Aragonite is a calcium carbonate crystal from the carbonate family of crystals. Its name comes from the place of its first discovery in 1790, in the Spanish river of Aragon. Pure aragonite is white or colorless, and impure varieties can be found in shades of green, yellow, blue, or pink. It is also a fluorescent stone by nature.

Aragonite is glassy and shiny and has a luster similar to mother-of-pearl. It is also the primary stone that forms pearls. Apart from Spain, aragonite is also commonly found in the Bahamas, France, Italy, the USA, and Slovakia. Aragonite ranges from 3.5–4.0 on the Mohs hardness scale. It often contains impurities like zinc, cobalt, lead, and magnesium.

Origins of the Stone

Compared to other gemstones, aragonite was discovered only recently—three centuries ago. Therefore, it does not have a long history with ancient civilizations. However, in the form of mollusk shells and pearls, it has been known since ancient times.

The forms of Aragonite, first discovered near Spain and now also found in Slovakia and Turkey, are dubbed “flos-ferri", Spanish for iron flowers.

The Slovakians often attended the sulfur showers in the waters where aragonite is found, dating back to the 14th century. The water from the springs was known to have miraculous medicinal properties. These springs were used as a medieval detox to rid the body of skin diseases like eczema, acne, and psoriasis. They also served as a source of relaxation and tranquility, much akin to modern-day saunas.

Spanish monks were noted to use aragonite as an ornament in their rosaries to induce clarity of mind and a connectedness with nature.

Uses of Aragonite

Aragonite is rarely used to make jewelry. Aragonite is among the most brittle of stones, so it is not well suited to being used for making jewelry. Instead, aragonite is used as an ornamental stone. It is common to see different decoration items made using multicolored Aragonite samples. It helps instill a motivated, determined, and clear-headed attitude in people, so it is great to have around.

Native American communities use aragonite for their infamous sage smudging rituals. One reason for this is its shiny, glass-like appearance, which resonates with Native Americans. Moreover, aragonite is a stone of nature and promotes a connection with Mother Nature, which is an essential part of sage smudging. Sage smudging aims to keep evil and negative energies away from one's abode.

How to Heal

Aragonite is a very spiritual stone and effective at healing many different ailments, both of the body and the soul. It is also commonly referred to as a grounding stone.

Aragonite is a great thing to have with you if you like to meditate because it creates the right spiritual atmosphere to help you meditate. Aragonite is also known as the stone of adaptability due to its physical properties. It is shaped like a prism with three triangular sides that diffract light into different colors. This represents aragonite as the stone of change and adaptability.

Emotional Healing

Aragonite is an excellent aid for relieving stress and anger. Being a crystal of the elements of nature, it can bring harmony and peace. Aragonite stabilizes and calms one's mind from all the turbulence that external energies might cause.

Aragonite helps reduce laziness and procrastination by boosting your energy. It makes you feel confident and secure about yourself by making you feel harmonious with Mother Nature.

Aragonite also keeps your soul and conscience clean and helps you avoid making bad decisions. It does this by harnessing the energy of nature to bring balance and pattern to your life. This can also help you with other things like being punctual, patient, and self-disciplined.

Spiritual Healing

Spiritually, aragonite is incredibly powerful and is known as the "Conservationist's Stone." Aragonite allows you to feel free within the boundaries of life by connecting you to nature and, more importantly, your inner self. It also keeps you grounded in reality, so you do not fall into delusions and euphoria.

Aragonite helps you get in touch with the spirit of your higher self and feel balanced. It can lessen the effects of sadness and grief by helping you find a balance and be thankful for how nature works.

Aragonite allows you to be an explorer of your soul and yourself. It will help you realize your purpose and mission on Earth by keeping you closer in touch with nature than you would be otherwise.

Aragonite will also install a natural kindness and compassion that will help you appreciate, preserve, and be grateful for nature more than you would ordinarily be. This is due to the energies that aragonite harnesses from Earth.

Physical Healing

Regarding physical health, aragonite offers a cure for many severe problems that plague the human body. Aragonite is known as the "Nature Stone" and is a great natural healer, putting everything back in shape.

Aragonite is used to treat Raynaud's disease, a condition in which the hands and feet feel cold and numb because the blood doesn't flow well enough.Due to its high calcium content, aragonite also helps speed up bone repair, improve calcium absorption, and heal spine discs.

Aragonite also helps your immune system and keeps you from getting respiratory diseases by clearing out your lungs and making it easier for you to breathe.Aragonite also makes you feel more energized and less sickly, which often helps eliminate muscle twitching and spasms.

Aragonite also brings warmth and safety to your body, which can help reduce disorders like epilepsy and hypothermia.