What is Azurite?

This one-of-a-kind stone with a deep blue color is great for developing your spiritual awareness, skills, and abilities! The crystal has a very interesting porous look and although it has been used for centuries, it reached peak popularity in the early 1900’s when it was re-discovered by accident in the copper mines of France! We like to think that tiny "accident" was the cosmos gently directing us toward this wonderful stone so that we might all enjoy its beauty!

Azurite is considered a precious stone and a sacred crystal in many cultures. Its prismatic design makes it look like the stone is holding the universe within itself. Its unique color stands out amongst the crowd, giving off a calming effect.

The individual qualities of the stone have led to its holding a prestigious spot as one of the sacred crystals in our universe!

Azurite is a beautiful stone, but it is also considered fragile, therefore once it is in a person's hands, they treat it with great care. Because of the time and effort required to form and carve this spectacular stone, its delicate nature prevents it from being mass produced. This elevates it to a more prestigious standing in our eyes!

Since the stone's discovery, azurite has not ceased to wow its possessors. In ancient Egypt, the stone was crushed and used as a pigment to develop the most breathtaking colors of blue.

Many ancient buildings in Europe still hold fragments of this unique blue pigment, as  its usage spread to different regions in the Middle East, France, Egypt, and many more!

How To Use

As we mentioned earlier, Azurite is a delicate stone and is often not used in jewelry. It is susceptible to light and can erode quickly in changing environments. Moreover, it is known to leave stains behind due to its intense pigment, which makes it an unreasonable stone to include in some kinds of jewelry pieces.

Azurite is an excellent stone for meditation or prayer. It is linked to our third eye chakra, ensuring that our psychic relationships and openness to the universe are always wide open. The stone is excellent for concentration and creativity, which is why it would also make a great addition to office space.

However, the crystal is quite high-maintenance. It is ideal for placing it on a plate or cloth. It shouldn't be kept out for long hours and should always be placed in a neutral environment, away from the sunlight.

Healing Properties

It is commonly known that azurite possesses a great deal of spiritual energy and that it has the ability to heal as well as assist people in developing their mystic talents. There is a good chance that azurite is the crystal which might open the doors of opportunity for anyone who is interested in exploring their intuition, getting in touch with their instincts, and consulting with spiritual guidance.

Even though the shimmering blue stone is best known for its ties to the universe, it is also a good source of mental and spiritual energy. It is also widely acclaimed for its ability to unearth the truth and wisdom that are often concealed by the routine responsibilities that we face on a day-to-day basis.


Azurite is focused on removing any hindrances from your life or physical self. The stone aims to help you flourish, which is why it heals cells and ensures a consistent flow of oxygen in the body. With blood renewed with cleaner oxygen, the individual experiences diseases slipping away in fragments, especially degenerative diseases like dementia.

Common ailments, such headaches and migraines, are easier to handle with the help of this stone. The clean oxygen this stone helps circulating throughout the body aids in organ detoxification and makes the skin glow, the teeth grow strong, the health improves, and the body, mind, and soul come into harmony.

Azurite can help you bid farewell to any lingering physical hurt or physiological sickness that may have impeded your development into the perfect version of yourself and move on to better things.


If you feel as if your mind and emotions need a break from all the anxiety, worry, and overthinking, azurite is an ideal emotional cleansing stone to use. The crystal cleanses away all negative emotions by allowing your mind to focus on all the parts of yourself that you do not pay attention to.

It shines a light on the parts of yourself that are the darkest and lets the healing powers help you in a very special way. It boosts self-compassion and helps you seek the inner truth you need to move on from past experiences.

Azurite helps people who find it hard to stand up for themselves and speak up for what they believe to be the truth. It helps them achieve self-worth that allows them to prevent anyone from walking over them or stealing their light.

Azurite is an incredible jewel, empowering you to stand in your strength and free yourself from the constraints of regret and people-pleasing behaviors. The healing power of azurite pushes aside any person or event that no longer benefits you. When you integrate azurite into your life, you will eliminate your fears and anxieties.

Besides overcoming your fears and bringing forth your inner strength, the crystal also aids your heart in unraveling all the sorrow it carries and resolving issues from the root.


The spiritual or metaphysical properties of the stone are what azurite is famous for. The stone is connected to our third-eye chakra, which helps connect an individual to their inner vision. Mystics and healers widely used it to connect to their spirit guides and ask them for direction in many aspects of their lives.

Azurite is great for getting rid of blockages all over the body so that positive energy and vibrations can flow freely. The stone will enable us to access our deep intuition and receive guidance from ourselves, enhancing our decision-making skills.

The stone also connects to our heart chakra, which opens us up to accept love from others and spread that love.

Moreover, it connects to our throat chakra, which allows us to have our power, the courage to take a stand for ourselves, and focus on our own growth. Radiating the energy of ideal health and prospering wealth, the stone's blue color does more than look gorgeous.

Finally, it activates our crown chakra, allowing us to receive messages from our higher selves and the universe and accept the signs coming our way.

Final Thoughts

Placing your faith in this stunning gem can assist you in overcoming emotional trauma, developing your inner fortitude, and boosting your confidence in yourself and your abilities. Not only does it make a wonderful addition to any room, but the healing energies it emits are sure to improve the structure of your life in every way imaginable.