Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

What is Black Tourmaline?

Like many happy accidents, folklore states that this beautiful stone was named as the result of a mislabeled shipment. The name originates from Sri Lanka, where the stone was written off as "turmali", also known as yellow zircon.

Today, this stone is widely known and used for its cleansing and protecting characteristics. It plays a considerable role in meditation, removing chakra blocks, and other spiritual activities of various cultures.

Black tourmaline has a fading color of black and gray. The minerals in the stone—mica—give the stone this beautiful combination of hues, while the naturally occurring shine provides the crystal with a polished finish. Its unique beauty makes it an incredible display in jewelry, and it is often found in Africa, Brazil, and Pakistan.

When the crystal is found in its natural state, it has a lot of vertical streaks, wrinkles, and grooves, which is how you can tell it apart.

This stone is also a pyroelectric gemstone, which generates energy when heated. It is also piezoelectric, which implies that it can store electrical current.

This is a potent crystal to include in your collection. It has numerous advantages for your spiritual, physical, and mental well-being.

The Powers of Tourmaline

It targets your negative thoughts

Triggers, stress, and past trauma have a habit of creeping up on us. Sometimes, it leads us into a negative headspace where we feel like we are not in control of ourselves. It makes us feel sad and self-deprecating, or even causes us to lose sight of the good in life.

We tend to start focusing on the negative aspects of each situation that make us feel worse about ourselves, make negative assumptions about others, and become impulsive in our decisions.

However, black tourmaline is an ideal stone to remove negative emotions from within. It transforms your negative thoughts into positive ones and helps remove the cloud of pessimistic judgment that has taken over your brain.

You can use the stone at the start of each day with the black tourmaline, since the powerful stone will ensure that all negative thoughts stay at bay and can be transformed into something productive and positive.

It Separates External Toxic Energy

Even if we try to keep a good attitude, our friends often treat us in such a rude and condescending way that we can't seem to ignore what they say. The ideal way of separating yourself from such toxic energy is to physically step away from spending time with that individual.

However, it might be challenging to do so when the family is concerned. Hence, this is where black tourmaline plays its role. Wearing the crystal or having it near you when communicating with such individuals can help divert that negative energy away from yourself. The stone absorbs all the negativity diverted your way and redirects it into the universe.

So it is ideal for wearing jewelry that includes black tourmaline as a habit, or for keeping it in your wallet or hanging it from your house or car keys, so there is always an extra layer of protection to keep you shielded from the negativity of others.

It Spreads A Welcoming Vibe To Your Space

Like the negative emotions within, your space can also hold a lot of negative energy. That feeling of unease or sickness that you experience in a new place—or even in your own home or office—is often because of the negative energies that have been festering within.

Once you notice it, it is time to cleanse the space of negative energy. Black tourmaline is an ideal stone for cleansing. Using it in your regular cleansing routines will open your space up for new, clean, positive energy to grow.

When cleansing, choose an herb of your liking and the crystal to ensure a pure and happy space!

Prevents Harm and Rebalances Your Chakras

Black tourmaline goes a step beyond and protects you from more than just negative energy. The powerful crystal has the benefit of providing its user with safety from accidents, any misfortunate event, illnesses, and anything that brings you unhappiness.

Keeping the stone with you will also help you keep yourself grounded. The stone is strongly connected to our root chakra, ensuring that you remain balanced in all aspects, are open to new opportunities, and help with clarity of thought.

Black tourmaline is ideal for keeping close to you so that you never have to face even the smallest of misfortunes, you remain in good health and luck, and most importantly, you always stay happy and optimistic.

The sudden positive change in your health, wealth, and relationships will become increasingly evident once you do so.

How to Use the Crystal

Black tourmaline can be used in a variety of ways to ensure protection. The stone is most commonly used for meditation, cleansing spaces, and the self. However, there is a lot more that can be done under the same category, such as;

  • Wearing black tourmaline in your jewelry It is ideal for wearing it on the left side of the body since that is where energies absorb into our body and our aura cleanses.
  • It can be used in meditation, where it helps with focusing, accomplishing the tasks at hand quickly, and healing your inner self.
  • You can also place the stone on your nightstand for a while of cleansing and peaceful, restful sleep.
  • It can be placed in office spaces to boost clarity, decision-making, and creativity. It will also help cleanse your office of any negative energy from external sources.
  • If traveling, the stone can be placed in a car, worn, or kept in pockets for protection from accidents or any mishap or to prevent negative energies from finding their way into your safe spaces.

The uses are endless, just like the many benefits of the stone.

Final Thoughts

Black tourmaline is an excellent stone for soothing the mind and safeguarding your energy and environment. If it's widely used by energy practitioners around the world, of various cultures, there has to be a good reason behind it!