What Is Bloodstone?

A beautiful type of chalcedony, bloodstone is a mix of dark green with a bright red pattern on the exterior. The stone is naturally designed in a hexagonal system that gives it a beautiful finish.

This spiritual stone has so many different meanings, but most people know it for its strength and ability to get rid of bad energy. It is loaded with iron and has a milky transparency.

The stone is associated with the color of the setting sun. It was linked to the blood of the holy martyrs and was given immense importance throughout history.

Regardless of who you ask, bloodstone has long been thought to be divinely blessed, specifically with the ability to modify the physical features of its user.

History of the Crystal

The rich history of the crystal is linked to the Greeks. Bloodstone has various names, all of which are associated with the Greek words meaning "the turning of the sun". 

One of its names, Heliotrope, comes from the belief that when the stone is set under the rays of the setting sun or in water, it will change the appearance of the sun into a blood-red sphere.

This unique power of the Bloodstone to change the sun's reflection from a standard golden color to blood-red gives this stone great importance. While it was imperative to the ancient Greeks, it soon gained popularity among magicians and great thinkers.

Today, this stone is used by many spiritually-led individuals for its many benefits.

Healing Properties


As the name suggests, bloodstone is connected to the main component of a human's body—blood. In terms of well-being and optimum health, the stone plays a massive role in circulation and strengthens the flow of blood through your veins.

Just by holding the blood-red and deep-green colored stone in your hand, you will feel a surge of energy flow through your body. The stone is known for its iron-rich characteristics, which link it to the life energy we all hold. Whether it's the increased blood flow of your body, the strengthening of the bone marrow, or even increasing the purity of blood in an individual's body, the Bloodstone crystal is an ideal gem.

This crystal can help people with blood problems or trauma by making their immune systems stronger.

Moreover, the stone is also utilized to provide stamina, bravery, and vitality during delivery. It protects the mother and child from anything that might cause complications.

Since the stone is strongly linked with blood, it also has the power to balance menstrual cycles and hormones and help an individual through hormonal issues. The next time you experience a delayed period or are PMS-ing through the roof, it will serve you best to carry your stone with you at all times.


The history of this stone states that it was often given to warriors or heroes for protection on the battlefield. It was gifted to provide them with strength, bravery, and resilience. It offers excellent safety by helping individuals ground themselves and stick to their roots.

It was believed that when individuals stood firm in their power, they were more capable of making sound decisions, recognizing their self-worth, and choosing only the best for themselves.

The stone can help people who have had problems with being left alone, feeling abandoned, or who have been hurt in the past. It will aid you in becoming more reliant on yourself and not letting your past define your present or future.

Since the stone is rich in iron, it helps build emotional resilience and helps regain connections you have lost with the outside world. The stone helps you trust your gut and regain your trust with others. However, now that you have made new bonds, you will do so with a higher purpose.

Bloodstone is an excellent stabilizer since it helps boost your energy and brings back the sunlight in your soul. This mesmerizing crystal allows our hearts to heal physically (by pumping cleaner blood) and spiritually (by opening our hearts to the world 

Fresh energy enters every part of your body, and you can focus your life-giving power appropriately.

Metaphysical: The Root Chakra

Because it is linked to the root chakra, the crystal is great for grounding and securing your life force. Bloodstone connects with an essential root of your chakra and works on your energy from tip to toe.

This chakra acts mainly like a safety net, which provides us the stability to stay grounded, anchored, and hold ourselves with steadiness, similar to that of a tree. So even in the face of hostility or strong winds, you stay rooted to your true self.

While bloodstone is well-known for its beautiful ability to strengthen your connection with your root chakra, it works just as effectively on the heart chakra. All our emotions of love, trust, compassion, and harmony can be found within our hearts.

The blockages in these areas can lead to difficulties in feeling any of these emotions, which is where Bloodstone plays its divine role. The crystal aids in dealing with these blockages, helping us reach a healing space where we can experience an open heart and joy and open ourselves to the light that the universe has to offer.

Bloodstone helps the individual clear out the negative energy within, wash away the stress of daily living, and ensure that all irritability is gone to make space for the positive energy flow to travel through us.

Final Thoughts

Bloodstone is ideal for pushing your strength to the forefront, which helps you live a life of fulfillment and health. It aids in keeping you grounded while your mind flies to higher planes.

This stone can maintain the balance between mythology, superstition, and rational thought. We all believe that positive healing thoughts are essential to reaching personal excellence and stability. The bloodstone gives clarity and feeds every inch of your spirit with trust and tranquility.