Carnelian Stone: Meaning and History

One of the most accessible and affordable gemstones out there is Carnelian! But don't let the low price tag fool you, this is still a very potent crystal with many uses! The stone is half quartz and is found in a multitude of colors, from orange, to red, to deep reddish brown. It is also found in translucent or semi-opaque forms as well,although it  is most commonly found in orange. 

This beautiful orange gemstone contains a lot of iron oxide, which means that it can change color when exposed to heat.  By placing the stone in the sun, you will expose it to the sun’s natural heat, which will oxidize the iron, shifting the stone's color from orange to a darker red. Interesting, right?! Give it a try! 


Carnelian has a rich history of taking on many different roles, the stone most notably originates in Egypt, but is also found in India, Brazil, Uruguay, and other iron oxide rich areas. Initially, it was considered a stone that promoted fertility and lifeforce due to its blood-like color and feminine energy. But as time went on, people learned of many more uses for this brilliant stone!

People believe that this stone has a direct link to the goddess Isis, who prized it for its ability to protect the souls of the dead on their journey to the underworld. 

The ancient Egyptians and Sumarians prized this “sun” stone as adornments or jewelry. It was worn in many different ways over the centuries, rings, bracelets, necklaces or even made into wax seals. This long standing tradition continues today, with Carnelian being a very popular option for jewelry. Today, carnelian is also used for many decorative and ornamental purposes.


Spiritually, the stone represents vitality, warmth, and fertility. The stone is known for being one that promotes courage, energy, endurance, leadership, and motivation. Sounds good, right!?

Carnelian is known as the "Sun Stone" because it resembles the beauty of a fiery sunset or the brightness of the autumn sun. This gives it the representation of bold vitality, warmth, and happiness that empowers and inspires.

The stone is considered feminine due to its boldness, rich tones, and orange coloring. It is considered more receptive to feminine energy when it contains more orange hues. Carnelian's linkage to fertility is believed to help regulate menstrual cycles and increase fertility. 

However, when the stone is heated to a darker hue, as we discussed earlier, it is believed to radiate more of a male energy. Which gives off vibes of desire, love, passion, and most notably, protection. Very interesting that this stone has the ability to “change” when subjected to different levels of heat or light! 

Why Use Carnelian?

As discussed above, this stone is ideal for protection and was often given to warriors for protection during combat. However, you most definitely do not have to be a soldier to benefit from this amazing crystal!

It is believed that this stone can help people who are afraid of public speaking or standing up for themselves. It can help people in these situations by assisting them in gaining confidence and not worrying about what people think. It was also a stone that was thought to keep illnesses at bay. In ancient times, the stone was boiled to activate its energy and was worn by individuals of high ranks to commemorate the blood of the martyrs.

Carnelian can also be used for self-discovery. The stone brings forth your hidden talents and awakens your innate curiosity about oneself. Combining this ability with the healing property of public speaking, individuals can do wonders to enhance their careers, academic lives, and wealth.

When wearing or holding Carnelian, there will be energetic vibrations all around you that will help you complete your tasks. Carnelian is an excellent meditation stone for this very reason! It allows you to stay grounded in the physical world as your spiritual and metaphysical mind seeks fresh experiences where growth can take place. 

When we are doing deep work on our spiritual journeys, it is sometimes possible  to get carried away and lose sight of our truest self. However, this stone will assist you in staying in the present moment. It protects your well-being and ensures that you return to yourself entirely, with all the blessings of the insight you have been shown on your spirit quest.

It’s Healing Properties

Just like all healing stones, carnelian is also perfect for promoting positive energies within oneself. You can place the stone near your heart or navel or put it on any chakra, which will help regulate positive emotions and circulate them within your aura.

It also can revitalize the user's soul, which can be especially beneficial for individuals who feel spiritually or emotionally void and cold.

As humans, we all have an ideal version of ourselves that we hope to become one day. Carnelian helps you achieve that goal by helping you transform into that highest version of yourself and enter a new life phase.

The stone is one of warmth, which is why it is linked to warm summers and overall warmth within an individual's soul. This “warmth” allows our spirits to feel right at home within our bodies. It helps them feel comfortable and secure. 

Carnelian looks over us! Many women experience great results from this stone as it radiates massive amounts of feminine energy.  It might help a woman accept the sacred role of her womb and fertility. It supports connecting the body with the spiritual realm to sync your cycles to the moon, aiding in absorbing the power of the great feminine goddesses and the energy of the universe.

It shows us that every aspect of life, from the beginning of humankind, is contained inside of us! How amazing is that!