Celestite is an all-time favorite of individuals in the crystal community. This undebated favorite is a beautiful pale blue stone used as adornment for the royals and appreciated the world over for its expansive and fantastic healing properties.

The stone is a great selection if a person is feeling disconnected and isolated from the people in their life. It helps you open yourself back up to the loving energy of others, while helping to uplift your mood and get back to “yourself”.

What is Celestite?

A naturally occurring sulfate mineral called Celestite develops this type of stone into what we know today! The crystal is designed with tiny prismatic shards that give it a shimmery look. If you ever have a chance to look at one under a microscope, you will be amazed! The stone is found in various hues, but most commonly, it is located in a pale blue color, almost the color of the sky on a nice, clear day.

The stone gets its name from the "celestial" vibe of this amazing stone! It has a rich spiritual and historical connection with heaven, divinity, and the angels. It also aids in an individual's enhancing their relationship with the spiritual plane.

The stone is also found in white, yellow, and red, but it provides the most benefits and spiritual aid when it is blue.

Celestite is a complex crystal to come by since it is mined on the island of Madagascar or in Italy. Some forms are also found in Canada, but the pale blue-colored celestite, which is most desired, is a rarity to come by.

What Is The Meaning Of Celestite?

The crystal was initially found by a German geologist in 1799. Its historical use in divinity, angelic realms, and the spiritual world dedicated it to the name that it holds today.

Celestite is inspired by the word "Coelestis, a Latin word that translates to ''celestial and heavenly. Hence, the stone is often linked with divinity, spiritual awakening, holiness, wisdom, and good fortune.

What Is The Use Of This Crystal?

The most important thing you can do with this crystal is connect with the spiritual world and with divine beings who can help you learn more about yourself. The high powers will awaken you spiritually and help you understand your life's purpose, the meaning of the universe, and even the way to live an ideal life.

Hence, the looming purpose is, without a doubt, the connection to the spiritual world. Knowing the benefits of the stone, the individual is bound to use it during their daily meditation. This constant use will result in mindfulness, which will, in turn, improve your confidence and help you maintain a positive attitude.

When you have gone through such a big change in yourself and your personality, you will also be kind to other people. This will help you develop many contacts and land opportunities that will help your life improve.

Your kindness and positivity toward others will help them associate you with goodness. They will be keen on meeting with you, will say your name in rooms full of opportunities, and will let go of any past issues, jealousy, or pride.

Celestite is also used to attract calmness and serenity. While this will prove beneficial for your mental and emotional health and personal relationships, it will also help you tackle issues with a clear mind.

Everything that feels like a burden, different challenges, or a problematic situation will seem easy to overcome. The clarity of the stone will change your perception of these issues and help you accept that if divine powers have put you in this situation, they will also grace you with a solution.

Maximize the Benefits Gained

Celestite can be used as a meditative crystal. This stone can be included in your daily meditation practice so that you start each day with reminders of the divine world and the feeling that the universe is looking out for you.

Individuals with a lot of meditation experience enjoy the soothing yet stimulating energy of the stone. The high energy flows through them, energizing the user, helping them to become more focused on their goals, and promoting optimism regarding daily life.

The longer you use this stone as part of your daily practice, the more benefits you'll see. Your understanding of the spiritual world and yourself will deepen, your sense of presence will enhance, your perception will change, and you will feel waves of happiness take over your life.

Besides meditation, you can also use the crystal by keeping it close to yourself. Placing it on your nightstand during the night will help you achieve REM sleep and regulate your circadian rhythm.

Moreover, it also ensures that you remember your dreams with clarity. You will be able to recall your dreams effortlessly and can look into the hidden meaning of the dream. The details of the dream, such as symbols or messages, will help you understand the message that your higher self or spiritual guide is trying to send you, enhancing your growth and self-discovery.

Healing Properties

Celestite is most prominently known for its divine and celestial benefits. However, the stone is capable of doing far more than that.

All of the stone's benefits are pretty miraculous, one being its ability to center the user. It aids the individual in staying connected to their physical world and remaining grounded in reality. If you ever have that feeling of disconnection, reach for the Celestine!

The stone can also change your inner self and how you see the world, but this can be more of a long process, it won't happen overnight! You will have to put the effort in to get that deep work started.

Celestite also aids in realigning the third eye chakra. When this stone is spiritually used in conjunction with other methods of energetic connection, it can help your chakra reach higher consciousness, resulting in wisdom and understanding.

Lastly, it can also work closely with the pituitary gland, which physically regulates the hormones in your body, boosting serotonin and making you feel happy and content. So grab some Celestine and try to gleam some of that celestial vibe!