The gorgeous pale yellow color of this crystal hides the fact that it is yet another form of quartz! This is just another of the many reasons why quartz is known as "the mother crystal." Without quartz, the world of crystals would be far less colorful, and we would be missing some of the most potent stones on the planet. Let us quickly express our gratitude to Mother Quartz for providing us with the powerful Citrine! 

Back to Citrine… this beautiful gemstone is often hexagonal in shape and has a cloudy, almost hazy appearance, which adds to its mysterious allure. Citrine is derived from the French word "citron," which translates to lemon, and it's easy to see why! It is also known as the "sunlight stone" or "summer stone" because its color is as bright as the midday sun!

The stone also holds the spiritual properties of joy, abundance, and transformation. Akin to a fresh, cool glass of lemonade on a hot day, the stone energizes the individual from within! How cool is that?!

Citrine is an ideal stone to realign and balance your chakras and energy. The stone is famous for its profound soothing energy and is often referred to as the ‘traveling merchants stone”, since it has the ability to transfer positive healing power from one person to another. Now in today’s world, we might not have many traveling merchants out there, ha! But, we do have a massive amount of people who are interested in crystal healing, doing what the “merchants” of old would have done, spreading the power of this stone around the globe!

The crystal is found the world over, but can most often be found in Spain, Madagascar, Russia, and Brazil. Citrine is often found in hard to reach places! Maybe these hard to reach places are what power the stones positive energy and healing abilities? 

Although citrine is known for its beauty and vibrance, it is more importantly recognized as a powerful crystal that is full of positive energy, bringing warmth and light into our daily lives. It's like a nice summer day for your soul when you need it most!

Its Healing Properties

Several colors of the crystal, including yellow, yellow-brown, orange, dark orange-brown, and reddish-brown, all have different curative effects.


Like spreading warmth within the soul, citrine can warm the body and uplift your mood. The stone is a quick solution to being tired, fatigued, or just overall feelings of not being motivated. It is a quick pick-me-up that energizes the individual and can help you get back on track!

What is so great about this stone is that it’s intuitive ability will not overdo it! It can sense what you need and nothing more! Because of this, it is known for its balancing property because it understands the importance of maintaining ideal levels of energy.

The crystal can also assist in alleviating issues caused by the thyroid, it can help to keep the digestive system healthy, improve blood flow, and also help with skin issues. For all the women out there, citrine is a great stone to help with regulating and balancing the menstrual cycle. It does this by gently alleviating cramps, headaches and nausea. This crystal alone will not solve all of the problems associated with your menstrual cycle but it can be of great help when paired with more traditional remedies.


Spiritually, this stone gives people confidence, a clear head, and more energy, which helps them reach their goals in life. While the stone is well-known for its grounding energy, it also profoundly connects the individual to a higher realm and deeper partnership with the universe.

Citrine works on centering and grounding our Solar Plexus Chakra and Sacral Chakras. Citrine helps these chakras by allowing us to maintain our footing in our chaotic daily lives, while helping us balance it all. The solar plexus chakra is where our passion, creativity, and intimacy come from. It is where our happiness and control come from. If any of these chakras is blocked, you might constantly feel overwhelmed and we don't want that!

Citrine is great for getting these chakras in line, it's a great way to stay grounded without feeling stifled. You will be in control of your emotions, lack impulsivity, and be able to protect yourself from any negative energy that might be directed your way.

Moreover, your inner strength will grow, and you will have a little more of a positive attitude toward the hardships of life.


Clearing away muddled ideas, grief, and destructive impulses is a breeze with the aid of citrine, which encourages an expansive mindset, the release of negative and hostile emotions, and the taking of deep, cleansing breaths. With the help of citrine, you may let go of anything that isn't bringing you joy on the inside.

The crystal helps you overcome your phobias by gently flowing healing energies within you. This energy flow reminds you of and enables you to understand your responsibility, capabilities, and power to protect yourself.

The stone's hopeful spirit can help us channel our abilities and bring our dreams into reality. Having Citrine by your side will serve as a continual reminder of your value. Your confidence will be over the roof, and you'll be able to take in constructive criticism and make positive changes to who you are with ease.

With the help of citrine, you'll be able to think outside the box and adapt to new situations with ease. Those who are positive, optimistic, and content in their lives are drawn to you. This results in solid connections, lifelong friendships, and inspiring role models.

Feel as bright and buoyant as the sun itself.

Using Citrine for Maximum Results

Citrine is a beautiful stone that can be designed into many types of jewelry. Wearing it can provide smooth and consistent benefits from its grounding properties.

You can benefit from the stone's ability to stimulate thought, inspire originality, break down emotional barriers, maintain a healthy blood pressure and achieve hormonal balance by simply wearing it as a necklace, ring, or set of earrings! It's useful for relieving aches and pains, as well as menstrual cramps, emotional swings, and food cravings! With so many amazing uses, it's no wonder that Citrine is such a popular option within the energy healing community!