Dalmatian Jasper

Dalmatian Jasper

Uses and Symbolism

As the name suggests, this crystal has beautiful spots like a Dalmatian dog, which is how it got its name! It is found primarily in Chihuahua, Mexico, and is also known as Dalmatian stone or just Dalmatian. The dark spots on the gem are the result of tourmaline deposits.

This stone is often polished to a very high shine and is precious among the crystal community. It is usually seen as a tumbled stone, carving, cabochon , or made into beads. These designs are then used in ornaments or decorative pieces for aesthetic or healing purposes.

Dalmatian jasper is spiritually known for its ability to promote joy, playfulness, and childlike feelings in an individual. The stone aids in letting go of past anger or feelings of hurt and allows you to enjoy the carefree happiness that children enjoy. Who wouldn't want some of that?!

It connects with our inner child and encourages us to release negative feelings that might restrict us from becoming our authentic selves. Feelings of resentment, bitterness, or sorrow are carefully lessened so we can attract and immerse ourselves in the positivity of life, others, and ourselves.

Besides connecting with our youth, it also helps us let go of resentment, bitterness, and feelings of being limited so we can fully enjoy the good things in life. Interestingly, the dark spots on the stone indicate the absorbing of new energy, which helps in grounding us and balancing our lives.

Different Types Of Dalmatian Jasper

Dalmatian is usually an opaque, white stone spotted with brown and black hues. The stone is naturally found in white and beige but is sometimes painted or dyed in bright colors.

Because of its opaque nature, the crystal absorbs the colors of the dye very quickly, so it is common to dye bright colors such as red, green, and pink. This makes the stone more appealing and can be used in jewelry, artifacts, or ornaments, allowing the user to reap the healing benefits while having some unique color options.

Its Healing Powers:

Emotional Healing

Dalmatian Jasper has a very calming presence, allowing users to become balanced in their lifestyle, whether it is emotional moderation, balance in eating or spending habits, or any other aspect of life that you need to work on.

If you feel too emotional or dramatic, the stone's calming energy will help keep your anger in check. It will keep you calm so you can understand the situation before reacting, steady yourself before responding, and then carry on with an appropriate reaction. This “pause” can help you in so many ways! Give it a try!

Dalmatian Stone is surprisingly not considered part of the Jasper family. The popular name is actually a misnomer! Confusing right?! No worries, basically it does not have the healing energy of traditional red or green jasper. It actually has a unique vibration all its own!

It gently unfolds the root cause of your emotional reactivity and how it leads to many other issues, such as relationship problems, physical illnesses, and emotional distress—healing the cause to ensure a healthier future.

Physical Healing

Dalmatian Stone is believed to aid in the body's healthy circulation and digestive processes. It is considered an excellent stone for balancing the mineral content of the body cells. It is also believed to be quite nurturing and supportive in healing the systems of the body without becoming too invasive.

This gem will help you manage your body temperature to ensure it remains neutral, neither too hot nor too cold. It can also help you balance your mental condition and emotional health. Dalmatian Jasper may soothe a heated temper or inspire compassion in someone with an angry, confrontational mood by balancing the meridian pathways and seeking harmony.

Since its benefits are subtle and operate slowly, utilizing this stone for an extended period of time is always recommended. Like, seriously…this is an everyday carry stone!

Chakras and Dalmatian

The Dalmatian Jasper can be used to harmonize your body's energy into a healthy flow that aligns your chakras. The balancing power of the stone encourages your chakras to remain open and function healthily so that you can reap the benefits.

Your body's energy is given unconditional support, which urges the chakras to remove the blockages and prosper in new, positive energy.

Dalmatian works directly on the root chakra. This chakra is in charge of maintaining our feelings of security. When out of balance, the individual experiences anxiety and fear and hesitates to take any action that might yield positive results.

However, when the root chakra is in balance, it makes an individual feel confident, empowered, and free from anxiety. With obstacles removed, the feelings of depression can slowly dissipate. Hence, you can now take steps to help you prosper in your career, relationships, or self-growth with renewed vigor!


Many people believe that Dalmatian stone is a gemstone of good luck and wealth. It will assist you in balancing your finances to prevent overspending and maintain a budget.

It also encourages you to collaborate rather than compete with your coworkers or team members. Everyone gains economically and emotionally when their work colleagues cooperate and feel good about one another.

Dalmatian Stone is a useful stone that can help you find good solutions to problems. It can also help you with management, allowing you to operate more productively and successfully.

Relationships and Family

Dalmatian stone can help develop and strengthen family bonds. It can deepen your attachment to your family, lover, or spouse. It does this by helping you to be more aware of your behaviors, choices, and decisions since every action you take impacts everyone you care about.

When you realize that your joy directly impacts the ones you love, this stone helps instruct you to be kind, caring, and honest.

How To Use

The stone can be used in various ways but is most commonly found in jewelry pieces since it is easy to carry around and enjoy the benefits at all times. The stone also works well as a pocket stone! Which simply means, you carry it around everywhere! Since this stone is less potent than others, consistent, long-term use will help you reap the most rewards!