What Is Fluorite?

Fluorite originates from the Latin word "fluor," which means "flow." The stone was given this unique name due to its ability to shine under UV light; it is often described as crystal fluorescence. 

Fluorite comes in a series of delicate designs that are symmetrical, beautiful, and hold a lot of spiritual qualities. The stone is linked to beauty, lucid dreaming, and enhancing the IQ of an individual, turning them into a genius.

The crystal has always been in high demand and is considered a prized possession. Even today, the rarity of the stone, its variety of hues and its beautiful designs make it one of the most sought-after crystals in the industry.

Fluorite has a healing energy that attracts new dimensions of peace and serenity. Whether these powers are absorbed through meditation, placement, or any other form, the strength of the stone ensures that the user enjoys a rare experience.

The design of the stone reminds the users of the grandeur of the universe and all that it holds. Despite such a vast universe, each star, planet, and human has a place. Fluorite represents this harmony and beauty of the universe—how the universe works with such harmonious cooperation.

By using this beautiful gem, you begin to understand the role you have to play in this grand world. Akin to fluorite stones, where each stone has a unique design, each individual has a unique beauty, calmness, and characteristics. This spiritual sensitivity helps you prosper in each aspect of your life.

Fluorite is found in various colors, each with its own chemical makeup depending on the location in which it was found. The crystal is often found in yellow, green, or rainbow colors, and each crystal has different properties and healing powers depending on its environment of growth.

Read on to find out more about the types of fluorites and their uses!


In the past, this stone was very valuable because of its unique and intricate designs. It was handsomely paid for by emperors to be included in their ornaments and jewelry, which was considered a sign of royalty in the days of old.

In fact, emperor Nero got a cup made out of fluorite due to its beauty and fragility, which he only used to drink the most expensive and finest wines in the land. This ultimately made it a symbol of wealth within the culture and this carried on for centuries.

Similarly, the traditional Chinese valued fluorite for its attractiveness and capacity to induce vivid, lucid dreams. They believed that by placing the crystal near the bed, the stone's energy would radiate and immerse them in vivid dreams. This will allow them to enjoy beautiful dreams and even control their dreams, sounds cool right?! Give it a try tonight, put some under your pillow!

Types and Benefits of Fluorites

Black Fluorite

This fluorite is known for effectively clearing any negative energy in an individual from their spiritual plane, auras, and energies. It also decreases the chances of having nightmares.

Blue Fluorite

Blue fluorite has many qualities, which include;

  • Protecting and balancing emotions
  • Providing justice 
  • Aiding in spiritual progress
  • Opening the third eye chakra
  • Helping with communication and raising your voice for yourself
  • Purification and order of negative emotions
  • Removes confusion and guilt.
  • Provides harmony 
  • Protects against psychic attacks
  • Strengthens consciousness
  • Physically, it heals skin, respiratory problems, allergies, nerves, and the brain.

Green Fluorite

This crystal aids in healing of all kinds. It promotes self-love, removes blockages, and helps us establish broader mindsets. It also aids in boosting creativity and discovering unique ideas.

Green fluorite is excellent for detoxifying the body and helping heal diseases such as heart disease, digestive disorders, arthritis, and fungal infections.

As the color suggests, the stone is linked to nature and reconnects the individual to their roots. It brings abundance, prosperity, and more!

Magenta Fluorite

Known as the stone of inner truth, magenta fluorite will bring you understanding of your emotions, your heart's desires, and your spiritual self. You will forgive yourself and others, develop a positive perspective of life, and be in charge of making the best decisions for yourself.

Rainbow Fluorite

Rainbow fluorite stands out for its multicolor design but also for its mix of energies. It helps with the following:

  • Flexibility 
  • Free thinking 
  • Emotional intelligence 
  • Repairing broken auras or energies
  • Open-mindedness 

Pink Fluorite

A stone of positivity and cheer, pink fluorite will aid in clearing out any negative energy you hold within. It works on your heart chakra, allowing you to see and express your long-repressed emotions. By bringing these emotions to the surface, you can deal with them productively and effectively.

Purple Fluorite

Purple fluorite can help with many spiritual issues, such as;

  • Mystical insight 
  • Physic awareness 
  • Opening the third eye chakra
  • Accessing spiritual planes and visions

Purple fluorite will protect the user while they explore their spiritual self, spiritual realms, and the truth, gaining the insight that will help them establish an ideal life. Your sense of reality will remain intact while you continue your adventure.

This stone helps with memory, concentration, inner peace, and emotional stability. You can use it to eliminate bad habits and minor ailments such as colds and wounds.

Yellow Fluorite

This powerful form of fluorite can enhance your learning, understanding, and comprehension. It gives you a positive attitude and inspires intentional actions that will bring positivity to your life and the lives of others.

Yellow fluorite is also used to help with physical and mental illnesses such as stomach problems, joint issues, bodily detoxification, and anorexia.

How to Use Fluorite

Fluorite can be used in several ways, but using it through classic methods provides the most benefits.

You can hold the stone in your hand while meditating, allowing you to achieve a level of calmness and peace, while aiding in concentration during meditation.

It can also be worn as jewelry, since just being close to the stone has powerful healing effects. It can be placed near the heart in pendants or designed into rings.

Lastly, the stone will provide abundant positive energy even when placed in a room or office. We hope you have enjoyed learning about this amazing crystal, now get out there and test some of these benefits in your own life!