Goldstone is an interesting stone because it is man-made. Usually, crystal practitioners make use of naturally occurring crystals and stones due to their incredible healing abilities. However, even though goldstone is an artificially produced stone, it packs a lot of impressive powers that can be beneficial for a lot of people.

This beautiful orange-reddish stone, which has gold-colored inclusions, can capture anyone’s attention. It is a stone of transformation and represents the manifestation of one’s ideas into physical realities. Also, it has long been associated with warmth and the power of the sun. No wonder so many people are drawn to it like moths to a flame.

Healing Abilities of Goldstone

Goldstone has tons of healing abilities that cover all aspects of your being. Let’s take a look at some of these below:

 Physical healing abilities

Goldstone has a tremendous healing effect on your physical body. The moment you come in contact with this stone, you will begin to observe the difference it makes. It starts by regulating the flow of blood in your body and getting rid of all the toxins you might have accumulated over time. It also boosts your nervous system and enhances tissue regeneration. If you happen to suffer from joint or muscle pain, goldstone should be your go-to stone for relief. Not only does it reduce inflammation, but it also increases bone strength and protects you from bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

Mental Healing Abilities

Goldstone has a calming effect on the mind. This is something people immediately notice when they hold this stone in their hands. But that’s not all. It also stimulates your mind and encourages positive thinking. It helps you get rid of stress, burnout, anxiety, and frustration. And if you happen to have an overactive mind full of questions, it will direct you to the right path that will answer all those questions.

 Emotional healing abilities

Emotions form a huge part of who you are. And goldstone certainly comes in handy when it comes to healing your negative emotions. It provides you with stability and helps you keep your composure. You become less violent over time and more understanding of nature. This is especially helpful in relationships, as it has a harmonizing effect. It also gives rise to compassion, kindness, courage, and all-around positivity.

 Spiritual Healing Abilities

Goldstone is popular for being a spiritual healer and protector. It consistently keeps reminding you that there is a higher power that controls everything. This allows you to let go and enjoy life with a sense of flow. This stone also boosts your perception and helps you see things just the way they are (without any bias). Finally, it shows you the path you can take for your spiritual development.

 Uses of Goldstone

There are plenty of uses for goldstone. But perhaps the most important ones are as follows:


  • People often carry this stone with them wherever they go. They do this to protect themselves and attract good luck. So, it’s ideal not only for vacations but also for business trips.
  • People also like to place goldstone throughout their houses, as it has a calming effect on their minds and their surroundings. It also has the added benefit of keeping everyone positive.
  • Another common use of this stone is in jewelry. You will find many varieties of beautiful jewelry that women often buy to improve their relationships.
  • Goldstone is also quite popular for attracting wealth. So, people love to keep this stone where they work (at workstations, offices, etc.).