How To Clear A Tarot Deck

How To Clear A Tarot Deck

So you just got your new deck of tarot cards. They are still in the box. There is a process called clearing the deck that most tarot readers do before they start to use the cards. This is done to clear any negative energy from the deck as well as to start to impart your own energy on the new deck. There is no one way to clear a tarot deck. Many readers also cleanse their spiritual space and objects in the room they conduct readings in very much in the same manner. They will clear the reading space, table, and objects used to read with to remove any negativity as well. When you clear your tarot cards you remove any traces of negative or blocking energy so you can use them to the best of your abilities with clean and positive energy.

Many people do spiritual preparations like clearing the space and cards of negativity before they begin to read a client in addition to their initial clearing. They also may do little cleanings after readings as well to make sure if there was any negativity from the reading that it is removed. Some people clear their cards after every reading, some don't. They may do it periodically, like on a specific day at a specific time. It doesn't matter which way you decide to clean them after the initial clearing. Go with how you feel and what gives you the best energy.

Also by keeping cards and space spiritually cleansed it helps eliminate false and inaccurate readings. You won't have left over energy from the previous readings this way. Clearing the cards and the area is like breathing clean air on them.

Some people can read without doing anything to a deck, but most people want to put their own energy into the deck instead of just taking them out of the box and beginning. When you clear a deck you are also charging it with your energy as you begin to use it, by removing any other influences on the cards. Clearing the deck also blesses the deck with your spiritual energy.

Most people begin a clearing of the cards and the space they are going to use by invoking good energy to assist them. They ask the good energy to clear the tarot deck and space; and also ask the good energy to give the deck and space a positive charge. Good energy can take the form of what you perceive as good energy; be it a spirit guide, a departed ancestor, white light, whatever does it for you. The point is they use whatever they feel is a good and positive force for them to clear any negative or blocks from the cards and space. Many readers also consecrate or dedicate their cards to the use of goods when they clear their space and tarot deck as well.

Here is a simple invocation to clear the “deck” or space to start. When using it for your space you substitute the word space for deck.

“I consecrate this deck to bring Light where there is Darkness,
I consecrate this deck for guidance and wisdom for myself and others for the higher good for all concerned,
I consecrate this deck to enlighten myself and those concerned,
May all who use and touch this deck know the love of Spirit and be drawn into the light of Spirit,
I dedicate this deck to serve others with spiritual growth, for wisdom, knowledge, and to bring peace to all those who seek its wisdom,
I dedicate this deck to the development of my intuition so that I may be a source of guidance to others.”

You may add any words you wish or change any of them to fit the energy you are using as well as your feelings. This is a non denominational invocation for universal good energy. It is a form of consecration to make the deck of pure good light energy. When we consecrate something we make it holy to ourselves be it a person, place or thing. Your intention is very important for doing clearing and cleansing. You want to have a clear head and heart free from any negative intent and thought when you do this. Sincerity is the first element that goes into being of pure heart and mind. You may also want to thank all those energies that are assisting in the cleansing also. When we give thanks we bring thanks in our lives which brings blessings.

There are two main ways people proceed while invoking the good energy of the universe to their decks and spaces, by either shuffling the cards while they say the invocation or putting the cards in numerological order before they say the invocation. You can do what you prefer. You may decide to do neither and just place your hands on the cards or put the deck of cards up to your heart. Tarot cards can be blessed in many ways. You don't have to use the invocation I wrote above, that's just an idea. Any prayer that has meaning to you is fine. A mantra even works if your intention is clear and positive. The main point is to put your cards in touch with a higher good with which it is empowered.

You can then go on to use incense, smudging whatever you want to do to clear the air and the cards. You can pass the cards through the smoke. Some readers use oil like lavender and drop a few drops on the cards. Some may sprinkle the cards with salt. They may rap them hard against the table. Some even fling them across the room to rid them of negativity. Whatever works for you and your beliefs.

When this is done the deck can be wrapped in a silk cloth or put in a bag just for the cards. I keep mine in a wooden box from my mother. Some people sleep with them under their pillows. People do things from Reiki, to keeping the cards clean, to very involved rituals. Some put a crystal on the deck to keep it charged and cleared when they are not in use. These are just a few basic ideas
on how to clear your tarot card deck.