One of the most stunning and reassuring gemstones in the entire world is the powerful Lepidolite! Seriously, this stone is so beautiful, I could look at it for hours! Simply taking a peek at it will immediately alleviate some of the stress you've been feeling. It captivates your attention and has the potential to make you forget about some of the challenges you are dealing with on a given day. Also, as a result of the many positive effects that have been associated with having this stone, many women consider it a must have! We will get more into that below!

Spiritually, this stone represents peace and nurturing. It is sometimes called the "grandmother stone," as that’s how people feel when they have it around them. It is known to have tranquil and calming effects, much like one would feel in the company of a grandmother! This stone gives off vibes of a person who has all the wisdom in the world and loves you unconditionally. With that in mind, let’s explore some of its healing properties!

Healing Abilities of Lepidolite

Physical healing abilities

Although this stone is mainly known for its emotional and spiritual healing abilities, it packs some really amazing physical healing properties as well. It can purify your body of toxins and relieve stress on muscles and joints. It can also help you deal with pain and muscle disorders. A really useful effect of this stone is that it helps you sleep better. This makes you feel energized and fresh the next day. It has been known to assist with migraines, epilepsy, and other disorders that might be associated with imbalances of the body.

Mental Healing Abilities

One of the best effects of this stone for the mind is that it can provide relief from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It is also effective in treating ADHD in children. Since it has calming energies, this stone can also reduce stress and anxiety. If you have trouble making the right decisions, this stone will help you weigh your options and make rational decisions.

Emotional healing abilities

There are too many emotional healing abilities in this stone to mention them all. Not only does it help you deal with old traumatic emotions, but it also instills hope in you for a much better and happier future. In women, it helps stabilize the hormones, thereby stabilizing their emotions. It also encourages them to accept themselves and tap into their infinite potential. This beautiful stone can help you weather any storm, thanks to its calming and protective energies. It can also boost the dopamine levels in your body, which makes you feel good and content.

Spiritual Healing Abilities

One of the most obvious functions of this stone is to eliminate negative energies. This motivates people to keep this stone on them all the time. It also dismantles old energy patterns, which might have made your life cyclical. This allows you to finally move ahead with your life with a definite purpose. The calming energies of this stone make you believe that there is always a reason why things happen. In difficult times, this can keep you moving forward.

Uses of Lepidolite

Lepidolite has been used for a wide variety of purposes for centuries. Here are some of its most prominent uses:

  • People often use lepidolite during meditation for past-life work. They do so to understand the web of karma or tendencies that have carried over to this lifetime.
  • This stone is used for all kinds of emotional support
  • Since lepidolite is basically a type of mica, it is often ground into a powder to make eyeshadows and other beauty products.
  • It is the perfect stone to keep in your home since it keeps the surroundings tranquil and provides calming energy.
  • PTSD and ADHD support.