Methods Of Karmic Pattern Clearing

Methods Of Karmic Pattern Clearing

What is karmic pattern clearing? Karmic pattern clearing is the cleansing of ingrained habitual responses that dictate the way we react to certain situations. This article is about my understanding of karmic pattern clearing. From what I know of, there are many tools and methods of clearing. The one that I am describing here is simply one of many.

The process of karmic pattern clearing often leads to the surfacing and uncovering of tendencies and thought-patterns that are stored in our subconscious mind. For that matter, meditation and an understanding of our dreams are helpful skills in our management of the process.

Karmic energies are neither good nor bad. Energy is just the way it is. However, beliefs and influences, possibly picked up when young or in some previous lives, will make us regard certain ‘characteristics’ as either being positive or negative. This tendency to judge is almost natural and instantaneous.

Energy (reaction) very often must run its full course for the ’cause’ to be‘ discovered’ and then ‘understood’. When the first reaction arises, a second reaction will often analyze the first one and decide whether the former is good or bad. If the former reaction is deemed as bad or undesirable, our personality will try to ‘fix’ the situation by preventing (blocking) it from arising again. Well, what we have now is more and more reactions, which can sometimes complicate the entire situation.

A Method of Clearing

This is one method that I employ. What I will normally do is to define all these reactions that come into my awareness. Basically, I am training myself to be aware of my own tendencies. I do this in situations that I have a strong reaction to. How to define these reactions? There are many ways to do that. Below are some examples:

1. Saying ‘how I feel’. Express them.

2. Writing them down in a record book or journal.

What is the purpose of doing this? By defining these reactions, we are recognizing them and thus they (the thought patterns) become known or conscious to our conscious self. By expressing them, more and more of our karmic tendencies will be uncovered (and eventually be understood). This will continue until a time comes when the reactions lose their emotional charges. When they lose their emotional charges we will be less interested in them. With that, I consider this as having ‘cleared the karmic pattern’.

One more thing to add, the ‘external’ situation, basically is ‘designed’ to tell us something about ourselves. Sometimes, we may need to apply the ‘mirroring’ principle. For example, when we encounter a person whom we do not like, check to see deep within our unconscious or subconscious, do we have the same pattern? This, to me, is the hardest part to swallow.

Is there a quick and painless way to clear these karmas? Well, not that I know of. Additionally, dream interpretation can also support us in our karmic pattern clearing effort. Dreams often reveal to us our unconscious and sub conscious personality aspects. As such, the ability to decipher dreams greatly assists in the understanding of ourselves and our thought patterns.