Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl is a very unique and interesting material! It is not a crystal or a stone, yet it has strong healing abilities and a variety of uses for mystics worldwide! But what exactly is it? Well, Mother of Pearl is actually an organic-inorganic material that makes up the inner lining of many mollusks. It is quite strong and has iridescent properties that remind me of the northern lights! It is also commonly known as nacre, which is just another word for Mother of Pearl. Let's take a deeper dive into the healing abilities of this super interesting material!

Healing Abilities of Mother of Pearl

Physical Healing Abilities

This material is quite adept at healing skin problems like rashes, wounds, and infections, thanks to its soothing energies. It can also prevent infections and heal any hidden physical ailments that you might be suffering from. Often, it is these hidden ailments that take on a larger form in the future. Mother of Pearl is also great at treating dizziness and vision problems. It motivates you to remain physically fit and cures disorders of the nervous system. It can even make your reflexes faster and treat nausea.

Mental Healing Abilities

Stress problems and anxiety affect millions of people all over the world in today's modern environment. These individuals require something that can quiet their minds and assist them in maintaining their composure at all times. When it comes to situations like this, Mother of Pearl is really useful. It has the ability to relieve tension and bring about clearer thoughts. In addition, it has the potential to prompt introspection and assist you in articulating your thoughts and beliefs.

Emotional Healing Abilities

One of the best things that Mother of Pearl does is it can make you feel less aggressive. Its calming energies can make you more tranquil and induce a sense of calmness that allows you to settle down even during times of chaos. When it comes to relationships, it can offer tremendous benefits. It can provide relief from the stress and anxiety that are born out of your romantic relationship. It can also make you more aware of your partner's needs and desires, which can improve your bond with them.

Spiritual Healing Abilities

This material is phenomenal for spiritual growth. It can help you discover your true potential and encourage you to actually use your abilities. Not only that, it will guide you on your journey in many ways. It will help you find your inner being; it will help you discover what you're meant to do in life, and it will help you be at ease during this whole process.

Uses of Mother of Pearl

Despite not being a stone or a crystal, people have discovered several uses for this material for their well-being and happiness. Let's take a look at some of these below:
  • For couples who are having relationship issues, it is a good idea to place the Mother of Pearl in the house (preferably in the bedroom). This will calm things down and help mend the relationship.
  • This material is also widely used for protection. Just having it on you or around you will form a shield that protects you from negative entities and energies.
  • If you place the Mother of Pearl on the left side of your pillow, it will help you get better sleep at night.
  • Since it has a "boosting" effect, it can make other crystals and stones stronger when they are near it.