Crystal Healing Top 8 Starter Kit

Crystal Healing Top 8 Starter Kit

We can all agree that whether you are new to the world of crystals or have been using them for decades, every crystal collection should include some must-haves! With so many crystals in our universe and so many applications, deciding which is the most important can be difficult! We will highlight our top nine most dependable crystals in this article, which we believe every practitioner should have in their toolkit. So let's get started!

Quartz (Smoky or Clear):

Most people associate crystal healing with either clear or smoky quartz! This is because this abundant and powerful crystal is beneficial to all people and all types of energy! For example, smoky quartz has incredible manifestation properties as well as the powerful ability to transform negative energy! With so many different varieties, colors, and shades, quartz has to be in your top 8!

Rose Quartz:

We can't leave out the powerful Rose quartz after mentioning clear and smoky quartz! Rose quartz encourages self-love, love, and all things related to the heart or heart chakra. Whether it is love, compassion, or kindness, this stone can help strengthen unconditional and romantic love in your life.


The next item on our must-have list is citrine! Citrine has a strong ability to boost self-esteem and self-image while also promoting prosperity! What human being wouldn't want more of that? I don't think there's a single person alive today who wouldn't benefit from a boost in self-esteem or optimism! So make sure to keep some Citrine on hand!


This stunning Blue/Green mineral promotes luck and well-being while also aiding in calmness and centering due to its chakra clearing properties. It has a powerful effect when combined with meditation, stillness, and breathwork. Which is fantastic, because who wouldn't want to wear a stunning piece of turquoise every day?


This eye-catching purple stone can be used for many things! While we may think amethyst is "everywhere," this one-of-a-kind mineral deserves to be in everyone's top 8! Amethyst allows us to tap into our natural intuition while also ensuring that we are on the right track. It also bridges the gap between the dream and waking worlds, allowing us to connect with our subconscious. Definitely important!

Tourmaline Black:

Black tourmaline can be extremely beneficial to us at times when we most need it! It has an amazing ability to repel negative energy and return us to the light. When going through a breakup or other type of interpersonal change, its protective and energy clearing properties can be extremely beneficial. When we use this stone, we are gently guided away from our negative thoughts and emotions! Always keep some on hand!


This beautiful orange and red stone is associated with your sacral chakra and has many powerful benefits for your creativity and relationships. It has been shown to aid in body balance, stress elimination, and immune response. It is also known to increase strength, promote courage, and strengthen any weaknesses. With so many uses, this stone should always be in your kit!

Fluorite (Rainbow Fluorite):

Rainbow fluorite comes in an almost infinite variety of colors and shades, which is appropriate for this powerful stone because it has nearly as many applications! Fluorite is something we keep on hand to help with connection, intuition, and concentration. When life gets tough and things seem overwhelming, Fluorite is a great stone to help guide you to the completion of your goals. Fluorite can help us access our intuition more easily and overcome major challenges with love and compassion. This is an excellent crystal to have on hand when starting a new job or beginning a difficult new school assignment. For these reasons, we strongly suggest fluorite to round out our top eight!

While there are many more benefits and uses for these eight crystals, this overview will get you started on your journey. Your personal list may be different and that is what makes this so great! There is no wrong answer and absolutely no wrong way to go about the practice of crystal healing! It is all about finding out what works for you specifically and no one else! We wish you the best of luck as you venture into the fascinating realm of crystal healing.