When You Follow Your Passions And Purpose Will Follow

When You Follow Your Passions And Purpose Will Follow

What's the purpose of life and how do I get there? Those are two of the most asked questions. Have you ever asked yourself something similar to that?

The good news is you have something very unique in your life to accomplish. Of course, the question that comes after that is, What is it then? But that is just about as far as most people will ever go. You may ask yourself this question, think about it for a few minutes, come up with no answers, and then just go on with your daily routine. If you ever want to accomplish your purpose you have to go beyond the What is it question. How do you do that?

You first have to realize that you won't have all the answers in the beginning. If you are waiting for a bolt of lightning to hit you and reveal to you what it is you're supposed to do in life, it will never happen that way.

The first thing you need to determine is what you are passionate about. What gets you so excited that you can hardly contain yourself when you think about it? Or what causes your blood to boil when you hear people talk about it? Most likely this is the starting point of your greatness.

Why do I say the starting point? Because once you finally have an idea about what you want to do you must then ask, in what direction do I go? And how do I start? Believe it or not, those questions don't matter as much as you may think they do.

The second thing you need to do is to simply begin pursuing your passion. Don't let the question of What direction do I go or how do I start? stop you from actually starting. Most likely, there is some type of organization, group, or online presence that is doing something very similar to what you have a passion to do. Get involved with these people. They have probably already laid much of the groundwork in developing what you are passionate about. You can then jump right in and start helping them.

By being around these people you will begin to develop and fine-tune exactly what your purpose is. As a matter of fact, your initial purpose for getting involved may change somewhat as you begin to develop your greatness.

That's why it is not so important to know everything about what you want to do before you start doing it. It's kind of like this: Imagine you are in Los Angeles and you want to drive to Florida. You are not really sure where you want to go in Florida, but you know Florida is where you need to go. You have two options:

1. You can research, study, ask people, look at maps, and all kinds of things to try and find out the best way to get to Florida. You are not going to leave until you know exactly how to get there, the dangers involved, the speed traps to watch out for, where the best rest stops are. The problem with this is that you will never know everything about how to get to Florida.
2. You can just start driving. You may ask one or two people you meet along the way which road to use and then just go. On your journey you will meet people who will help you with the best routes, and they will even tell you of places they went to and experiences they had on their way to Florida. By the time you get there, you will have gained so much knowledge that you now know exactly where you want to go in Florida.

The point is this, you can sit around and wait for the perfect opportunity to fulfill your purpose or you can simply start out on your journey and, along the way, you will discover and fulfill your purpose. My suggestion is: just start moving!