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Baja Blast Fluorite Tower

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Add a touch of elegance to your space with the Baja Blast Fluorite Tower. This striking tower is carved from a single crystal of beautiful, vibrant fluorite, making it a unique, luxurious addition to any setting. With its vibrant hue and captivating shape, the Baja Blast Fluorite Tower makes an eye-catching centerpiece.

1. 5x1.5" 

2. 5x1.15"

3. 4x1.5" 

4. 4x1"

5. 4x1.5"

6. 3.25x1.75"

7. 3.5x1.25"

8. 3x1.25"

9. 3.5x1.25" 

10. 3.5x1.5"

11. 2x1"