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Halo Artisan Skin Care

Chakra Roll-on Perfume

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We’re beyond excited to carry these beautiful chakra roll ons from Halo Artisan Skin Care! Chakra roll-ons to supplement and balance the concentrated points of energy in our bodies, can also be used as an aromatic, natural perfume.

Ingredients: Fractionated coconut oil, organic jojoba oil and essential oils.

Root - earthy blend with notes of white grapefruit, vetiver and nutmeg, spicy nuances and cedarwood base.

Sacral - floral citrus blend with tart mandarin notes that quickly mellow into rose heart notes with a patchouli dry down.

Solar Plexus - sweet and spicy blend of grapefruits and wild orange with touches of fresh ginger root and juniper berries.

Heart - floral, green aroma featuring lavender, ylang ylang and rose oil with bright laurel and touches of sweet lemon.

Throat - herbal blend with sweet peppermint and chamomile and hints of eucalyptus and basil.

Third Eye - ylang ylang and lavender with forest touches of fresh pine, spruce and fir needle.

Crown – Notes of sacred frankincense and neroli, tart lime and hints of ho wood.

Made in United States of America


1" l x 1" w x 3" h

0.08 lb