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7 Color Jade Vase

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This beautiful Taiwan 7 Color Jade Vase is from the part of the Central Mountain Range that is located in Hualien County. A symbiotic multi-element mineral, the stone gained its name thanks to the fact that its various hues are natural and unmatched by other minerals or stones. It has the appearance of an interwoven veined network of streaks and patches of 7 different colors. 

7 color jade, is a naturally occurring mineral formed over millions of years through geological processes. It originates in metamorphic rocks under high pressure and temperature conditions, often in tectonically active regions. Mined from the earth, it's cut and polished by skilled artisans to reveal its diverse colors, such as green, lavender, red, yellow, are due to the presence of metallic oxides in the crystalline structure, such as iron, chromium, chloride, chlorite, manganese, and magnesium.

These Vases are approximately 6 inches tall and 2 inches wide across the mouth.
Weight: 2.3 lbs