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Maison de Michón

Crystal Goodie Box

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Enjoy a beautiful selection of crystals (some perfectly imperfect) for a discounted price by buying them by the box! 

Shipping is included with these:

Goodie Box A

Selenite Sphere Holder
Amethyst Palm Stone
Rose Quartz Tower (5")
Strawberry Quartz Freeform (5”x3”)
Chevron Amethyst Tealight Candle (4”x4”)
Rose Quartz Moon Bowl (5“)
Green Apophyllte Chunk (3”)
Agate Turtle Carving (4”)
Small Rainbow Fluorite Slab (3.5”)
Sodalite Sphere (2.2”)

Goodie Box B

Polished Amethyst Cluster
Large Raw Rose Quartz Chunk (3.5”)
Moss Sphere (64mm)
Polychrome Jasper Slab (7.5”X4”)
Rose Quartz Point (4.5“)
Large Raw Rose (5”)
Green Fluorite Leaf (4”)
Raw Black Tourmaline in Quartz (6”x5”)

Goodie Box C

Green Fluorite Freeform (4x2)
Purple Fluorite Sphere (120mm)
Quartz Cluster (6.5x5)
Selenite Sphere Holder

Goodie Box D

Pink Tourmaline 4 in
Moss Agate Heart 4x4 in
Serpentine Sphere 86mm
Rose Quartz Tower 10 inch

Goodie Box E

Selenite Rose 4 inch
Amethyst cluster 2 inch
Quartz cluster 6x4
Fluorite tower 6.5 inch

All boxes are sold as-is and cannot be parted out or split. 

These will ship in flat-rate priority mail boxes, in the event that option is not available to you I will refund any shipping overages minus insurance.


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