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Threads of Fate

Empyrean Tarot

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The Specifics
78 cards
4.75" x 3.25" card size
5” x 7” box size
Magnetic box
Lenticular printing on plastic (these can only be made on plastic sadly!)
Includes 300 page booklet

The Digital Booklet
- A keyword and association page
- Upright + reversed meanings for the card
- The artist’s notes on the card
- The Minor Arcana suits each follow a different journey. These are fictionalized first-person journal entries which documents someone moving through the suit, there are 4 different “characters” to represent each suit.
- The Major Arcana follows a journey of a young girl in her own fool's journey.

Lenticular printing, while innovative, can introduce subtle imperfections on cards due to its complexity. The process involves a lenticular lens creating depth or movement illusions, but achieving 100% perfection is challenging. Small irregularities may arise, resulting in minor, often subtle, imperfections on the cards. These variations highlight the intricacies of lenticular printing, emphasizing the uniqueness of each print rather than expecting absolute flawlessness.
Comes with Empyrean Drawstring Bag ($8 Value)


Empyrean: The highest heaven, supposed by the ancients to contain the pure element of fire.

In the fall of 2021, Brit & June of The Threads of Fate were struck with the concept for the Empyrean oracle. A heavy-hitting deck that embraces paradox and polarity. They wanted it to be bold, alive and demand transformation from those who work with it. 

The time has come to launch its counterpart: The Empyrean Tarot. Empyrean is very much a specific realm, and these decks live within that realm. 

Tarot is a journey, and over time, each card will continue to grow in meaning along with our life experiences. They seek to make art that grows with you - each card providing a container that holds more than the standard card, offering different perspectives when you’re ready for it.