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Trolleite Leaf Plate

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The Trolleite Leaf Plate is the perfect way to bring the healing power of trolleite into your home. This beautiful plate has been infused with the energy of trolleite, a powerful crystals that is said to promote healing and balance.

The Trolleite Leaf Plate is perfect for setting down your keys, purse, or other belongings when you come home, or for using as a centerpiece on your dining room table.

The serene blue color of the trolleite will instantly calm and soothe you, while the leaf design gives it a natural, earthy feel. Whether you are looking to promote healing in your life or simply want to enjoy the beauty and peace of trolleite, the Trolleite Leaf Plate is the perfect way to do it!

1.8 lbs
~9x5x1.5 inches